MOVE OUT WITH ME! Packing, Organization + Money Saving Tips!

MOVE OUT WITH ME! Packing, Organization + Money Saving Tips!

MOVE OUT WITH ME! I’m moving across the country TOMORROW! See the process + I share with you guys my packing and organization tips and how to save money while you’re moving! Give this video a THUMBS UP if you liked it!

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hey guys!

today’s video is answering all of your questions a moving vlog because so many of you requested videos of the moving process! Today’s video is all about moving OUT- the packing, the storage, the organization and how to save money while moving!

Moving across the country is EXPENSIVE- especially if you plan on shipping anything. We shipped my car, we’re selling Cody’s car and we shipped things like our clothes, our kitchen supplies, my filming studio [lights, tripods, etc] but we also left a LOT behind [couch, bed, a ton of decor etc].

This video is all about the process: what to pack, what to keep, what I’m getting rid of etc! We saved about a thousand dollars by packing up the furniture by ourselves: we didn’t have to pay extra for the supplies and the labor, so that was a huge money saver. I also sold my closet unit to the woman who is renting the house after me, so that saved money and saved me from shipping it!

I will be filming a new house tour once I move as well as other moving / organizing / home tour videos! Let me know what videos you guys would like to see in the comments! Also.. if you’re reading this, would you want me to do weekly vlogs updating you on my progress or do you like the more final, professionally filmed tour videos? I’m leaning towards filming weekly update videos since I have SO much to do in the new place [I won’t be taking most of my furniture with me, so I will be doing a ton of redecorating!]

I’m going to be selling a lot of my clothes because of the move!
My poshmark is @carlycristman
I will announce when the sale will be going up on instagram, twitter + facebook!